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Re: Zle bug

On Feb 9, 12:57pm, Anthony JR Heading wrote:

: On Sun, Feb 01, 1998 at 03:41:48PM +0100, Thomas Köhler wrote:
: > I'd say "no, it's a bug" ;-)
: > Looking at the manpages, I found this:
: > 
: >           up-line-or-search
: >           Move  up a line in the buffer, or if already at the
: >           top line, search backward in the history for a line
: >           beginning with the first word in the buffer.
: Wouldn't it be preferable to fix the documentation rather than
: the code?  I've also used this feature for as long as I can recall,
: and FWIW the new behaviour I also assumed to be a bug.

: Seriously, if you have this function bound the cursor keys, this is
: a major breakage.

After trying to use the other suggestion, I have to agree - can we fix
the documentation and adjust the code so that the behaviour is the same
as 3.0.5? I can't see the way to getting the widget to work for this
function anyway.

Wez Furlong                        Undergrad - Electronic Systems Engineering

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