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Re: PATCH: expand-or-complete-prefix

"Bart Schaefer" wrote:
> I've just been testing this, and it breaks on menu completion:
> zagzig% bindkey '\t' expand-or-complete-prefix 
> zagzig% setopt menucomplete 
> zagzig% ls zlc
>              ^ with cursor here, press TAB, and you get
> zagzig% ls zle_bindings.oc
>                          ^ press TAB again
> zagzig% ls zle_hist.oc
>                      ^ press TAB again
> zagzig% ls zle_hist.proc
>                        ^ and so forth

Is that really a bug?  The prefix is 'zl', and that's what you're
completing according to what the doctor ordered: ignore the suffix,
just complete what's left of the cursor.  It's intrinsically
incompatible with complete-in-word, if that's what you mean, but then
you will have to use the usual exapnd-or-complete to get that; there's
just no way of having both possibilities at once.  Or am I missing
something?  Do you want the suffix to be deleted, a real space
inserted before it...?

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