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Re: Problems with zsh & HP10.20

Tal Ovadia wrote:
> I have compiled zsh3.0.5 on HPUX 10.20 with no problems, how ever the arrow k
> eys do not work and I could not find the reason why (same thing with zsh 3.0.
> 2)
> any ideas ?

It's time I put something in the FAQ:  does anyone have any
information to add to/subtract from/modify in the following? (This is
the YODL source.)

sect(Why do the cursor (arrow) keys not work?)

  The cursor keys send different codes depending on the terminal; zsh
  only binds the most well known versions.  If you see these problems,
  try putting the following in your tt(.zshrc):

    bindkey "$(echotc kl)" backward-char
    bindkey "$(echotc kr)" forward-char
    bindkey "$(echotc ku)" up-line-or-history
    bindkey "$(echotc kd)" down-line-or-history
  If you use vi mode, use mytt(vi-backward-char) and mytt(vi-forward-char)
  where appropriate.

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