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Re: ZSH patches - please, indicate ZSH version in subject

Andrej Borsenkow wrote:
>One step further would be common patch format. Something, like
>ZSH-Version: zsh-3.1.2-zefram4
>in body. It would allow automatic sorting and provide patch archive by

I think this would be preferable to using the subject line.  I'd rather
keep the most useful information near the beginning of the subject line,
and the version number is very rarely in doubt.  Perhaps we could come
up with a patch data format that could be recognised anywhere in the
message body, maybe something like

	Version: zsh-3.1.2-zefram4
	Dependencies: 3858 3869
	Negative-Dependencies: 3859

preceding the actual diffs.  Whatever format we come up with would have
to cope with the need to unapply preceding patches, and should probably
also handle gzipped uuencoded diffs (which we occasionally need).

If you come up with a suitable format and a patch-applying tool that
parses it, I'll add it to Util/zsh-development-guide.


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