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Re: SunSITE CVS repository

Peter wrote:
> Andrew Main wrote:
> > As you've seen on zsh-users, SunSITE Denmark have offered to host a CVS
> > repository of zsh sources.  I'm not personally willing to expend the
> > effort to keep such a repository in sync with the master sources, but if
> > anyone else here has the time to spare then it could potentially be of
> > significant benefit to the zsh community.  Does anyone wish to volunteer?
> Looks like nobody replied to this, but if it's simply a question of
> committing new versions when they turn up, or adding patches, I could do it.
> I'm going to be keeping the FAQ up to date there anyway.  I'll have to
> refresh my CVS knowledge.

I would think that the purpose of the CVS repository would be to be to
store the authentic source as it would appear in the next release.
This would requite that the coordinator keeps it in sync with his
repository.  Unless Zefram does this himself, how can you be sure that
a patch you check in would show up unmodified in the release?

A centralized CVS master site would also allow multiple `maintainers'
who can directly check in changes they make, but this would be a quite
different development model than the current one.


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