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Re: env variables

Timothy Doyle <tdoyle@xxxxxxx> typed:
:Hi, Ive been unsuccessfully trying to solve a problem for a while now, and
:finally thought to toss pride to the side and ask for help.
:The problem seems to be that certain programs do not recognize the existence
:of certain environment variables.  The programs are CVS, man, and JDK javac,
:and the variables are CVSROOT, MANPATH, and CLASSPATH respectively.  I had
:forgotten about the problem until I just recently changed shells at my new
:job (from csh to zsh), effectively disabling both man and javac.  The
:problem seems to be with variables previously (in csh) set with setenv.
:I would love to hear any advice you have on this matter.

More information please.

In zsh, does

% export | egrep "(CVSROOT|MANPATH|CLASSPATH)"

list all three?  If not, make sure you're exporting them in one of your
startup files (e.g. ~/.zshenv) so that they're env vars rather than local
vars, with something like ``export CVSROOT=/path/to/my/cvs/root''
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