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foo(:...) and foo~ glob

After this change:

Sun Apr  5 20:00:40 1998  Andrew Main  <zefram@xxxxxxxx>

          + parens always trigger globbing
          + with EXTENDED_GLOB, embedded `~' triggers globbing,
            as the documentation already states

the (:quals) syntax no longer works.  The idea was that foo(:...) should
not do globbing if there are no wildcard, but it should execute the
modifiers.  This is very useful for general text manipulation.  Of course
${${:-foo}:...} still works, but it's quite ugly.

The other change related to ~ with EXTENDED_GLOB.  Before ~ was only
treated as exclusion character if it was not at the end of the word and
the word contained other glob characters.  This allowed you to write

ls *~
rm foo~
dd if=~/foo of=bar

etc.  None of these work anymore.  I know there was a special case for
the (:...) stuff before in haswilds which was not very complicated.  I
know that someone else has also complained, so it's not only me.


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