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Re: Oh my God! They killed completion! YOU BASTARDS!

Andrew Main wrote:

> pacman@xxxxxxx wrote:
> >
> > ... [ about LIST_AMBIGUOUS being set by default...]
> >
> ...

This one confused me a bit, too, on my first TAB after the change
since I don't use it and missed the corresponding messages...

> Possibility for zsh-workers: should `emulate' have the capability to
> emulate earlier zsh versions?  So `emulate zsh-2.3' would turn off
> LIST_AMBIGUOUS and so on.

Hm. That may result in pretty complicated code sometimes, if this is
not restricted to option settings. (Not that the current code is simple...;-)

> >17:01 6 londo /home/pacman/src %echo $ZSH_ <--\
> >ZSH_NAME     ZSH_VERSION                      |
> >                              /---------------/
> >My cursor is sitting HERE! --/ WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?
> ALWAYS_LAST_PROMPT.  One of my favourite features.  It means that you
> don't waste screen space with old completion lists -- new lists visibly
> replace the old one -- and the command line doesn't jump around, so
> it's easier to keep your eyes on what you're editing.  This has been
> available since 2.5.
> >This behavior is wrong. It's SO wrong.. The vastness of your wrongness here
> >astounds me. All the languages in the world do not have enough words to
> >adequately describe the degree of wrongness exhibited by zsh 3.1 completion.
> I'm glad to see I'm not the only person that gets this emotional about
> computer programs.
> But ALWAYS_LAST_PROMPT is right.  It's SO right.  So vastly right that
> having to use bash purees my brain when it puts the completion list in
> the wrong place.

Interesting... for some of the things I implemented, I always wondered
if people use it or even like it. ALWAYS_LAST_PROMPT was/is one of them.


Sven Wischnowsky                         wischnow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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