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Re: up-line-or-search

On Jun 1, 12:51pm, Andy Wick wrote:
} Subject: Re: up-line-or-search
} Also what does "up-line" mean?  Should it go to the previous command
} if you haven't typed anything?  In a stock 3.1.4 it just beeps.

That does appear to be a bug.

} Previous versions used to go to the previous command.

In previous versions, historysearchbackward() with an empty search would
find any line, thus "accidentally" finding the immediately previous line.
That behavior is recovered by using historybeginningsearchbackward().

I suspect this is further evidence that the history-beginning-search change
was a Bad Thing, as obviously more was depending on the old behavior than
anyone realized.

} Where do you want your pizza? :-)

How do you want to ship it? :-)

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