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Re: zsh-workers: zsh-3.1.4

> } Yet another reason, is it not, why /bin/sh should be /bin/sh and not  
> } /bin/something-that-wants-to-pretend-it-is-sh ????

Bash and zsh are real enough for me.  /bin/sh is /bin/sh no matter if
it's bash or zsh :-).  And if something does not work when /bin/sh is
a copy of zsh, than it is probably a zsh bug, and we'll fix it, right?
But how can I fix the old Bourne Shell for which I have no source?

> Unfortunately, there's no (?) PD implementation of the pure old-fashioned
> Bourne shell that can be distributed with Linux.  It's either pretend, or
> don't have a /bin/sh at all, I think.

ash is quite close.  You'd still need to remove some features from ash
to get a real old-fashionned shell.

> That said, I'm not entirely sure that the Bourne shell wouldn't also have
> choked on that construct.  My guess is it was tested with zsh and ksh,
> not with a "real" sh.

Actually, zsh is probably the only shell which does not choke on

for i in ; do echo hehe; done

But as long as it affects only make clean, it is not that bad as the
configure bug in 3.1.3 was.


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