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[zsh-3.0.5] SEGV

This is most likely a useless bug report, but on the off-chance it
makes any sense...

Sorry, I don't recall what I did to trigger it, and this particular
binary was built without much debugging info I'm afraid.

gill$ uname -a
SunOS gill 5.5 Generic_103093-17 sun4m sparc SUNW,SPARCstation-20

Reading symbolic information for zsh-3.0.5
core file header read successfully
Reading symbolic information for rtld /usr/lib/ld.so.1
Reading symbolic information for libnsl.so.1
Reading symbolic information for libc.so.1
Reading symbolic information for libdl.so.1
Reading symbolic information for libintl.so.1
Reading symbolic information for libmp.so.1
Reading symbolic information for libw.so.1
program terminated by signal SEGV (no mapping at the fault address)
(dbx) where
=>[1] dupstruct2(0x31000000, 0x5d400, 0x5d2b4, 0x0, 0x0, 0xd7f05), at 0x5d580
  [2] arr2list(0xd7f0c, 0x5d55c, 0xb29bc, 0x0, 0x0, 0xd7ee5), at 0x5dc94
  [3] dupstruct2(0xc15b8, 0x3, 0x2551603, 0xd7ee4, 0x0, 0xd7ed5), at 0x5d6f0
  [4] dupstruct2(0xcc424, 0x2, 0x1001102, 0xd7ed4, 0x0, 0xd7e5d), at 0x5d680
  [5] dupstruct2(0xb33cc, 0x1, 0x2001101, 0xd7ec0, 0x0, 0xd7e49), at 0x5d648
  [6] dupstruct2(0xb3354, 0x1, 0x2001101, 0xd7e48, 0x81010100, 0xff00), at 0x5d65c
  [7] dupstruct2(0xcc3f4, 0x0, 0x1001100, 0xd7e38, 0x0, 0xd7e09), at 0x5d608
  [8] dupstruct2(0xcc3e4, 0x6, 0x1001206, 0xd7e24, 0x0, 0xd7de9), at 0x5d7a8
  [9] dupstruct2(0xb9264, 0x3, 0x2551603, 0xd7de8, 0x0, 0xd7dd9), at 0x5d6dc
  [10] dupstruct2(0xcab1c, 0x2, 0x1001102, 0xd7dd8, 0x0, 0xd7dc5), at 0x5d680
  [11] dupstruct2(0xb33e0, 0x1, 0x2001101, 0xd7dc4, 0x0, 0xd7d29), at 0x5d648
  [12] dupstruct2(0xcab4c, 0x0, 0x1001100, 0xd7db4, 0x0, 0xd7c69), at 0x5d608
  [13] dupstruct2(0xcab0c, 0x0, 0x1001100, 0xd7d18, 0x0, 0x1), at 0x5d61c
  [14] dupstruct2(0xcab5c, 0x0, 0x1001100, 0xd7c58, 0x2d76, 0xff00), at 0x5d61c
  [15] dupstruct(0xcab5c, 0x40000000, 0xcab5c, 0x0, 0x1000001, 0x0), at 0x5cb3c
  [16] doshfunc(0x1, 0xa384c, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0, 0xa1000), at 0x318f0
  [17] makecomplist(0xa0c00, 0x2, 0xa82f8, 0xa82e0, 0xaff4c, 0x0), at 0x76268
  [18] docompletion(0xad61c, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0), at 0x73f80
  [19] docomplete(0x0, 0xa3560, 0x9fa88, 0x9f800, 0xa2d88, 0xad61c), at 0x707ec
  [20] zleread(0xa2000, 0x0, 0x1, 0xa3400, 0x1, 0x4), at 0x641d4
  [21] inputline(0xa35fb, 0x0, 0xef6d1000, 0x1000, 0x1, 0x2), at 0x3f514
  [22] ingetc(0xa3248, 0x9d260, 0x9d264, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0), at 0x3f420
  [23] hgetc(0xa3400, 0x0, 0xa3400, 0x0, 0xf64fd714, 0xf64fd670), at 0x3a1e4
  [24] gettok(0x23, 0xa1b84, 0xffffffff, 0x9fe18, 0xa3248, 0xeffff348), at 0x42b30
  [25] yylex(0xa10f4, 0x0, 0x0, 0xef6d17e0, 0x8, 0xeffff34c), at 0x422ec
  [26] parse_event(0x2, 0xa3400, 0xb145c, 0x3c, 0x0, 0x0), at 0x4e79c
  [27] loop(0x1, 0xa1c00, 0xa3400, 0x1, 0xa8498, 0x4), at 0x3d740
  [28] main(0x98720, 0x9870c, 0xeffff514, 0x91c00, 0x1, 0x0), at 0x3d608

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