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Re: Bugreport zsh 3.1.2: Shell exits prematurely after aborting history-incremental-search-backward

On: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 17:26:04 +0200 Peter Stephenson writes:

> Torsten Hilbrich wrote:
>> If I startup the zsh I immediatly
>> history-incremental-search-backward (^R) in the history.  Instead
>> of executing the found command I simply abort using ^C.  Then the
>> next return with or without any command given will immediatly exit
>> the shell.  It also happens if there is no match found in the
>> backward search.
> I had a look at this again, and I believe my previous analysis, that
> the lastc variable wasn't getting set properly, was the correct one.
> This time I followed the problem at bit further back.  In my case,
> /etc/zshenv was being sourced immediately before the command loop
> started.  At EOF, inputline() returned false; this caused ingetc()
> to set lastc to ' ', the behaviour which I found suspect.  Thus the
> first time from zleread(), inerrflush() tested lastc, found it
> wasn't \n, and assumed, wrongly, there was some junk to flush out.
> Knock-on errors from this caused the shell to exit.  Later on, lastc
> would be \n because the last input operation was a read from stdin
> which didn't return EOF. (You can get the same behaviour at any time
> by sourcing a file, followed by the actions Torsten described.)
> If there was no /etc/zshenv to source, lastc still wouldn't be \n
> because it wasn't initialised, so the same thing happens.
> So my patch was correct, with one thing I forgot about:  lastc should
> be initialised to \n at startup as a flag that there is no input to
> flush.  Here is the complete thing.
> [patch removed]

I just applied the patch and the error is gone.  If there are any
side-effects that I notice, I will reply directly to Peter.

Thanks to everyone for your efforts,


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