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bad interaction of zsh 3.0.5 with locale

Dear ZSH Workers,
   I've recently experienced troubles with ZSH 3.0.5,
that I've diagnosed as very bad interaction with localization
in RedHat-5.0_FR (Linux 2.0 on i386).
   I originally ran into trouble by using my usual
more [A-Z]* to read all metafiles (README*, QuickStart, Makefile, FAQ, etc),
in a source packages [Note: more () { =less $@ }].
Surprisingly, ZSH would indistinctly show all files,
in case-independent sorted order. Ouch.
   After losing some time chasing down the problem (that I didn't have
on other computers running RH 5.0 with mostly equivalent configuration files,
library and zsh versions!), I identified it as ZSH making stupid things
with locale.
   My .zshenv includes (roughly):
	{ export LC_CTYPE=iso_8859_1 ; export LANG=fr_FR }
When I { unset LANG }, [A-Z] globbing works anew.

Worse! While making various tests with locale, I defined the
following functions:

nolocale () {
        unset LANG LC_CTYPE LC_ALL
localefr () {
        export LC_CTYPE=iso_8859_1 LANG=fr_FR
        unset LC_ALL

Well, executing { nolocale ; localefr } will kill ZSH!!!!
Pasting the individual export/unset commands seems to work ok.

Looking forward to ZSH 3.0.6 (or ZSH 3.2.x)...

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