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Re: message numbers in mla

Geoff Wing <mason@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> typed:
:Bart Schaefer <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> typed:
::Hey, there, mailing-list-archive maintainer, how's about including the
::X-Mailing-List header somewhere in what's visible and searchable, so
::that the patch numbers in the ChangeLog can be used to hunt this stuff
:Yes, well, unfortunately I set it up with (a minorly hacked version of)
:hypermail which is somewhat limited.  I had planned to write my own simple
:one or maybe switch to one that does keep specific headers (mhonarc?) but
:there are many things I didn't like (when I last looked 1 - 1 1/2 years ago)
:about all of the existing ones anyway.  As for writing my own, well, time is
:available to me only for short periods at the moment.

I've just reprocessed all the current mailing list archive (1995 - now) with
Mhonarc.  There are a couple of changes I will probably make when I get some
more time: forward/backward date/thread links per message; properly 
searchable; etc.

The X-Mailing-List header is preserved in each final message which contains
the official archive number as indexed by the mailing list distributer (and
allows retrieving of non-HTML'd versions from either math.gatech.edu or 

All references to .../mla/*-hyper/ are now invalid ('cos I've deleted it all). 
Hope this is useful to people.
Geoff Wing   <gcw@xxxxxxxxx>            Mobile : 0412 162 441
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