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Re: Compctl completion tweaking

johan_sundstrom@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> I've been trying for some time to limit completion behaviour for some
> commands in an intelligent manner. What I am trying to do is mask out
> files not matching a given pattern, keeping directories intact, or,
> better still, matching files according to some pattern and directories
> according to some other pattern. Shouldn't that be possible using
> something like -g '(*.rpm(.))|(*(-/))'? I tried for a while with some
> print -m magic, but didn't quite manage to get it to work.
> (Sure, -g '*.rmp(.)' + -g '*(-/)' does a fair job, but I find it
> irritating that I cant tab my way down into a subdirectory of a
> directory containing *.rpm files this way.)

The string for the `-g' option may contain multiple pattern separated
by blanks:

  compctl -g '*.rpm *(-/)' ...

I hope you meant that.


Sven Wischnowsky                         wischnow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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