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Dynamic build: "make install" does not "make modules"

I haven't figured out why, but on my RedHat 4.2 Linux box it's necessary to
explicitly "cd Src;make modules" before doing a "make install".  Even doing
"make install.modules" won't cause the various module .so files to compile.

This doesn't appear to be intentional from my reading of the INSTALL file.
Could this be related to configuring and building in a different directory?
I typically compile in zsh-X.Y.Z-build/ with source in zsh-X.Y.Z/.

There seems to be some additional confusion if you reconfigure for dynamic
in the same directory where you've previously configured --disable-dynamic,
but I completely removed and regenerated the zsh-3.1.4-build directory and
it still didn't build the modules for me.

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Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author