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Re: Compctl completion tweaking

Bart Schaefer wrote:

> ...
> I do not advocate changing the current meaning of `+'.  I don't think
> we should use a shell option.  I'm not very excited about `++' as the
> choice for inclusive-or, though; the compctl syntax is already too
> cryptic (which I suppose might be an argument for not worrying about
> making it more so, but ...).
> It'd be nice to choose something that currently produces an error, so
> as not to co-opt anything from any existing working compctl.  (`++' is
> now taken as a command name.)

I would like to agree, but the problem is that there are currently
only few things that produce an error with compctl and I wouldn't like 
to use an unused option character for something is behaves more like
`+' (separating option lists) than like an option.

> } Btw: when implementing this, we also could cleanup the code a bit by
> } storing more than just the string to insert for each match, e.g.:
> } 
> } - some kind of prefix/suffix and the whole string
> }   (this would allow us to make the `-/' flag accept multiple directories)
> I'm confused.  You mean make the -W flag accept multiple directories?

Yes, sorry, little confusion in my internal hash tables...

> } - a weight (for sorting the matches as the user wishes, see above)
> Hrm.  I'd rather just list the matches in the order they're specified
> in the compctl command, without re-sorting.  And similarly, don't sort
> the value of $reply.  Just one control flag to say "don't sort" would
> be sufficient, I think.

Maybe I should have been more precise here. I didn't meant that the
user would have to worry about giving weights to the compctl options
(I can't even think of a compctl-syntax for that). What I meant was
that the user may say for different option lists (those separated by
inclusive-or's) that the results of this lists should be sorted
separately. Of course that could be changed to: not sorted at all, and 
especially not sorted into the whole list.
The completion code would derive the weights from this automatically.


Sven Wischnowsky                         wischnow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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