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Feature / Idea / (a possible option)


We use a little Program called 'dotpath', to cleanup PATHes like
	export PATH=$(dotpath)
where 'dotpath' prints the Path cleaned up from duplicate entries
puts the '.' directory at the end (in case of 'root' accounts
or 'wheel' group it even eliminates the '.').

So now some users complained that a '.login' was *so much* slower
by this external program. One 'zsh' user had a better Idea:

Question:  Might it be a useful option like
	setopt cleanpath
or a Variable with one of the values:
or some such thing ???

As you see, just an Idea, but an idea I'd really like to see included,
because a cleaned-up PATH lessens the network searching load on NFS !
(Which is one of our d***dest Problems... and the users often do
something like PATH='the_whole_thing_again':$PATH recurstively in
their profile/zshrc/xstartup/xterm ...)

Your's  Stucki

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