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Re: bug with chpwd/allexport

> >         The problem is, that is you have the ALLEXPORT and the
> >AUTONAMEDIRS option set and use a variable in your chpwd function
> >(e.g. to build a string to print it on the windows title bar),
> >the variable is immediately put into the hashtable for named
> >directories.
> That's correct behaviour.  Maybe there should be something in the man
> page to warn about the effect of this combination of options, but this
> behaviour is not going to be changed.

That is all I suggest that should be done. I have spent days chasing
this problem and I see no reason why others should do the same.I
understand perfectly well that this is the defined behaviour and I
don't mind if you have to read the manpage to circumvent the problem.
I just want to spare others the pains and efforts I have taken to
solve it.


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