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Re: bug with chpwd/allexport

> You seem to be confusing the concepts of `existing outside the shell
> function' and `exported' (visible to programs invoked from the shell).
> The two are mostly, though not entirely, independent of each other.

No, I just wasn't reading the manpage carefully. Perhaps the manpage
should be written in a way that a 'normal' user can understand
implications like this after reading in once. There are some other
'mysteries' of zsh. For example the exact order in which quoting
and substitution are done. For example the manpage doesn't state
which substitutions/expansions recognize which kinds of quoting.

> In particular, exporting a variable does nothing to extend its
> lifetime.

OK, that is the point the manpage might create confusion about.


> All variables, exported or not, exist in subshells.

Sorry, my fault, I didn't mean subshells but the commands being
started from the shell. This is basically the same in the NT port
so I mixed up the terms.


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