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Segfault in zsh on linux/alpha

Hi folks,

We have a linux/alpha box - a 533MHz 21164 PC164LX motherboard running
Redhat 5.1 with a vanilla redhat 2.0.34 kernel. I found that the default
zsh supplied with redhat dumped core if I use the `read' command, viz:

thunder-1-% zsh
thunder% read something
Segmentation fault (core dumped)
Exit 139
thunder-2-% rpm -q zsh

I downloaded zsh-3.1.4.tar.gz and compiled it: ./configure, make.
When I run Src/zsh, it too segfaults when I use the read builtin,
although much quicker than the default redhat zsh and without waiting
for input.

What is most interesting, is that if I set CFLAGS to nothing "", ie.
no optimisation, the problem goes away. The gcc is egcs-2.90.27.
When I compile with -O2, the default, then the problem is there.

I don't subscribe to zsh-workers; I just thought y'all might be
interested in this. It sounds more like a bug in egcs than in zsh,
but... ;-)

Wesley Darlington,                      
Dept of Applied Maths,               No `Office 97' documents please.
Queen's University of Belfast.            Free the X11R6 Four!
(01232) T 273911 F 239182

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