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Re: Extending zsh capabilities

Mark Hessling wrote:
> I downloaded zsh 3.1.3 and am attempting to build it. Unfortunately I
> am having problems :-(

These are intrinsic to 3.1.3, unless you are running a sh which is
actually zsh in disguise.  3.1.4 should be around on the official archives
and has this fixed.

I realised my trick of aliasing /* probably doesn't work for complex
Rexx scripts, because zsh tries to parse the whole thing first and runs
into incompatible syntax.  I then thought of doing something with
preexec, but I now think that's too limited.  Of course, if you know in
advance that something is a Rexx script, there are all sorts of things you
can do, but I can't offhand think of a really good way when you don't.
(Even my /* way implies you had already sorted Rexx scripts into function
directories, and if you do that, you might as well have a special directory
and use some code in .zshrc to alias foo="rexx $rexxpath/foo"
or whatever.)

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