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Zsh on the NETWINDER


	I have attempted to port zsh-3.0.0 to Corel's Netwinder ( Basically
a armstrong 110, 275Mz

        echo arm-linuxelf
        exit 0;;

as uname produces:
# uname -a
Linux netwinder 2.0.31 #420 Mon Jun 29 13:59:26 EDT 1998 sa110
# uname -m
# uname

I also had to modify the emulations to suport my version of ld:

       elif echo "$ld_help_string" | grep >/dev/null 2>&1 "supported emulations : elf32arm"; then
          echo "arm-linuxelf" ; exit 0

as ld --help |grep "supported emulations" would produce:

ld: supported emulations: elf32arm

After making these modifications the configure fired off without any 
difficulties.  Yet once I did the make it produced the following output

<... snip ...>
cd Src && make CC='gcc' CPPFLAGS='' DEFS='-DHAVE_CONFIG_H' CFLAGS='-Wall -Wno-implicit -Wmissing-prototypes -O2' LDFLAGS='' LIBS='-ltermcap' prefix='/usr/local' exec_prefix='/usr/local' bindir='/usr/local/bin' infodir='/usr/local/info' mandir='/usr/local/man' manext='1'
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/gbootes/zsh-3.0.0/Src'
gcc -c -I.. -I. -I.  -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -Wno-implicit -Wmissing-prototypes -O2 builtin.c
builtin.c:3639: #error there are some unknown limits.  Fix me!
make[1]: *** [builtin.o] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/gbootes/zsh-3.0.0/Src'
make: *** [Src] Error 2

I read through your INSTALL text file and read about the RLIMIT statement.
I will be sending you a copy of the config.guess, and the 
/usr/include/sys/resource.h files, could you take a look at them and 
make any modifications that are necessary.  


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