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Re: zsh-3.1.4 bug, parsing case ... esac

> } Actually, the shell grammar allows this, this is really a zsh bug.
> Obviously, this is a surprise to me.  Can you point me at "the shell
> grammar" that specifies this?  The informal one in the man pages/info
> sure doesn't.

You can look at the Single Unix Specification -> Commands & Utilities
-> Shell Command Language -> Shell Grammar Rules:

if_clause        : If compound_list Then compound_list else_part Fi
                 | If compound_list Then compound_list           Fi

compound_list    :              term
                 | newline_list term
                 |              term separator
                 | newline_list term separator

term             : term separator and_or
                 |                and_or

and_or           :                         pipeline
                 | and_or AND_IF linebreak pipeline
                 | and_or OR_IF  linebreak pipeline

pipeline         :      pipe_sequence
                 | Bang pipe_sequence

pipe_sequence    :                             command
                 | pipe_sequence '|' linebreak command

command          : simple_command
                 | compound_command
                 | compound_command redirect_list
                 | function_definition

compound_command : brace_group
                 | subshell
                 | for_clause
                 | case_clause
                 | if_clause
                 | while_clause
                 | until_clause

case_clause      : Case WORD linebreak in linebreak case_list Esac
                 | Case WORD linebreak in linebreak           Esac

There is more, but as you see, there is no required separator.
Obviously the manual and info pages are not that accurate.  People are
already complaining aboud the complicated and hard to understand
manual, a formal grammar description would be even more difficult to


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