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Re: zsh_on_dos

Bart, Andrew, John,

Andrew Main <zefram@xxxxxxxxx>:
] What this doesn't tell you is that you'll also need a port of ls,
] and all the other Unix utilities.

Under Windows 95 and Windows NT, both, I use Amol Deshpande's
<amol@xxxxxxxxx> (already built) port of Zsh 3.0.5:


in conjunction with the (already built) Unix tools from both the
GNU-Win32 Project and the Reed Kotler Toolset:


Bart Schaefer <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
] Check out http://www.cygnus.com/misc/gnu-win32/. I took a stab at
] building 3.0.5 using the Cygwin32 compatibility library, and had
] no serious problems. The only difficulty is that gnu-win32 does
] NOT come with curses, termcap or terminfo libraries, so you have
] to obtain and build one on your own before compiling zsh. It does
] come with an /etc/termcap, but the entry in there for the console
] apparently has some problems.

Regarding curses, termcap, and terminfo, I have no problems with Amol's
Zsh 3.0.5 port. I use vi(1), less(1), emacs(1), perform emacs-style Zsh
command-line editing, etc. in Command Prompt windows under both Windows
95 and Windows NT without any problems. Setting the TERM environment
variable to vt100, such as with the autoexec.bat line of:

    set TERM=vt100

, appears sufficient to enable this.

To see how I've largely retained my sanity, if not reduced my shouted
profanities, being a Unix person in the Windows world, visit:


There, I've placed links to the various tools I've found that allow me
to operate in a largely Unix-like manner under Windows 95/NT.


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people themselves to be features. People get annoyed when you try to debug
them." --Larry Wall
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