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Re: v3.1.4 Files/mv bug

In the last episode (Oct 14), Zefram said:
> Phil Pennock wrote:
> >Another issue for you.  In zsh v.3.1.4, the 'files' module, (built
> >for Linux/x86, but not really relevant), the 'mv' command doesn't
> >handle moving across devices.
> This is a deliberate feature.  The logic is that you can't actually
> move files across devices, and the purpose of mv is to move files, so
> mv can't move files across devices.  The historical versions that do
> a copy and remove are actually providing behaviour radically
> different from what mv is intended for.  If you want a copy and
> remove, rather than a move, you can use cp and rm yourself.

I haven't used 3.1.* at all, so I'm just guessing here, but shouldn't
any builtin command that overrides an external command do _exactly_
what that external command was supposed to do?  Otherwise script
writers will have to use "command mv" or whatever, to guarantee that
they get a working "mv".

See the X/Open specification at
http://www.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/7908799/xcu/mv.html for a
description of at least one "standard" for mv, which allows
cross-device moves.

	-Dan Nelson

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