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Re: v3.1.4 Files/mv bug

Typing away merrily, Zefram produced the immortal words:
> >Alternatively, since they're both GPL'ed, just rip the code from the
> >FSF's GNU shell-utils or wherever mv(1) normally lives ...
> zsh is not GPLed, and it's written much more neatly than most GNU
> programs anyway.

Re GPL: oops!  Sorry.
Re cleanliness: yes, and I can see why you drew that from what I typed,
but when I use the term 'rip' I don't mean cut&paste... just algorithm
duplication and maybe noting postability issues affecting

As re private conversation with Zefram: an option to zsh-mv to restrict
it to a rename, but defaulting to a compatible posix-mv is perhaps more

Thanks for reading this far.  :^)
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