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Re: [3.0.5] patch for resize problem


Bart> Unfortunately, what you did, except for irrelevant details in
Bart> params.c, is revert back to the 3.0.4 code.

Oh! Ouch!!

Bart> Although I don't entirely like the 3.0.5 behavior, *I've* never
Bart> had a problem with eval $(resize) setting LINES and COLUMNS
Bart> correctly (which was Clint's original complaint).

Yes, me too.  My (original, unpatched) zsh 3.0.5 does not have a
problem about "eval $(resize)".  Zsh always set correct LINES and
COLUMNS when I invoke eval $(resize).

But I hope I don't have to invoke "eval $(resize)".  I hope zsh always
set LINES and COLUMNS to right value automatically.

Because I use RPROMPT.  As you know, to use RPROMPT, I must always set
COLUMNS to right value.  To do this, I must invoke "eval $(resize)"
every time when I change the terminal size.  It makes me irritated.

Bart> If all you care about is having zsh believe SIGWINCH signals,
Bart> then a much simpler patch to 3.0.5, which doesn't back out the
Bart> other bug fixes, is:

Cool!  It works well!  Thank you Bart.  With this patch, I can say
Goodbye to "eval $(resize)".

Tatsuo Furukawa  (frkwtto@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx)

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