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Re: Docs fix

On Oct 26, 11:13pm, Zoltan Hidvegi wrote:
} Subject: Re: Docs fix
} > If you replace $* with "$@" when converting those aliases, you end up
} > quoting the word in the command position, which causes unexptected side
} > effects.
} This really does not have any relevance to this discussion, but what are
} those side effects?

Hm; well, you're right, I can no longer find any.  I'm pretty sure there
were at one time, but I could be remembering something from zsh 2.0.0 or
before, which is when I was actively converting things from csh.

I'm still of the opinion that a FAQ about zsh is better off sticking with
standard zsh syntax rather than attempt to present every example as usable
in every other similar shell -- because for one thing its impossible to do
it in every case, and for another I'd rather the FAQ were espousing the
things that zsh does better rather than advocating avoiding them because
they're unique -- but Peter's the FAQ maintainer and I won't argue with
whatever decision he makes on the issue.

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