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Re: Zsh on QNX


Here is what I found more after receiving inforamtion from you:

These are macros defined by the Watcom C compiler in the QNX environment:


The latter is independant of the platform on which the compiler is 
used. I think this one should be used when renaming 'halloc' to 
something else, as you suggested, because the problem of the existence
of halloc function can appear on all platforms Watcom C is used.

Apart from  zsh I also tried - unsuccesfully - to compile bash on QNX
and I remember that configure script included there correctly recognized
operating system. I believe this is due to the newer version of autoconf
package used to build configure. In case this wasn't true, below
I quote the output of the 'uname -a' command with appropriate comments:

QNX 1 G 423 PCI 32 

Description of fields: 
- system name
- node name (in the QNX-network)
- OS relase
- OS version * 100  (my system is 4.23)
- machine name (I don't really know what this means) 
- architecture (32 or 16 bit)

As for termio/termios.h problem, in the standard include directory
one can find the following files:


sys/termio.h includes termios.h first checking whether termios.h
hasn't been included before, reporting error in this case!

Both files contain lots of definitions, I mean none of them is merely 
a kind of wraper file.


   Michal Gomulinski

Micha/l Gomuli/nski, zwany "Welniakiem"
e-mail: M.Gomulinski@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, M.Gomulinski@xxxxxxxxxxx
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