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Bart sent me a recent tcsh manual, so I've update lete2ctl, a perl
script which converts tcsh complete statements to zsh compctl
statements (normally this lives in Misc/lete2ctl in the source
distribution).  It seems a bit big to post the whole thing, so I've
left the latest version at


but I can easily send it to anyone who needs it.  It handles pretty
much all the possibilities I understand, though not necessarily in
quite the way a tcsh user would expect.

One fairly minor zsh problem turned up when I was testing it:

complete foo 'n@*@C:$HOME/foo.bin@'

should produce

compctl -W ~/foo.bin -c foo

which should complete commands and command paths only under ~/foo.bin,
but while it does search under ~/foo.bin even if that it isn't in the
path it then dumps in all the standard hash tables as well, which
isn't what you want.  The fix looks easy, but this seems exactly the
wrong time to send patches for an already highly overpatched
zle_tricky.c, so I'll wait until the new version.  The workaround is

compctl -W ~/foo.bin -/g '*(*)'

which in practice works fine, so there's no problem if you use the new

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