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PATCH: Doc doesn't "compile" after Sven's completion patching

The following allows "makeinfo" to complete successfully following Sven's
series of patches (4510, 4509, 4526).  The menu() is in the right place,
but I haven't actually proofread the results yet, so I'm mostly guessing
educatedly at the placement of the enditem().

Index: Doc/Zsh/compctl.yo
--- compctl.yo	1998/11/06 08:17:18	1.14
+++ compctl.yo	1998/11/06 08:23:16
@@ -29,6 +29,7 @@
 menu(Option Flags)
 menu(Alternative Completion)
 menu(Extended Completion)
+menu(Matching Control)
 texinode(Command Flags)(Option Flags)()(Programmable Completion)
@@ -737,6 +738,7 @@
 second one is tried. The two descriptions it this string say that the
 empty string at the beginning and end of the string on the line
 matches any characters at the beginning or end of the word.
 texinode(Example)()(Matching Control)(Programmable Completion)
 nofill(tt(compctl -u -x 's[tt(PLUS())] c[-1,-f],s[-f+PLUS()]' -g '~/Mail/*(:t)' \ 

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