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Re: fixsuffix() again

Sven Wischnowsky wrote:
> > So you mean with that one call to fixsuffix() in docompletion() we can
> > get rid of all the other calls to fixsuffix() scattered about in other
> > places?  If so, then by golly I vote for putting that one back and
> > nuking the others.
> The one in deletecharorlist() will still be need since it is in the
> branch where completion is noct called. So it would make two instead
> of three calls in zle_tricky.c. The patch below does this, but note
> that there is one ugliness:

I've found a more serious problem with this.

% export ZMLIB=$PWD               # some people probably have this set anyway
% setopt noautomenu menucomplete noautolist
% echo $Z<TAB>            -> $ZMLIST/
         <TAB>            -> $ZSH_NAME
         <TAB>            -> $ZSH_VERSION
         <RET>            -> $ZSH_VERSIO

It seems to lose memory of the fact that the slash has already gone.

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