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Ksh93 (was Re: Associative arrays and memory)

"Bart Schaefer" <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Yes, I wondered about this.  (Does ksh93 have any equivalent
> syntax?)

ksh93 can be downloaded (in binary) for a number of systems at
<URL:http://www.research.att.com>.  There's a license, but it's a
pretty harmless one.  Comes with a manpage.

There's other cool stuff there too.  

graphviz draws graphs.  There's an example showing how processes
connect together in pipelines, for example.  (The idea is that you
describe the graph in terms of directed edges, and the tool chooses
sensible positioning and things.)

ciao is a program understanding type tool.  You abstract properties of
source code---functions, datatypes, files, and the relationships
between them---and interrogate them using some tools from graphviz.
Imagine a source tool designed by somebody who'd never seen any other
source navigator, and whose mind had been warped by extended exposure
to Unix, and that's something like ciao.  Beautiful and subtle,
although the GUI is very 80's (Athena).  And the whole thing is stuck
together with ksh93 shellscript, which kind of makes it relevant.

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