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Re: bug 3.1.5 symlinks & cd

Sven Wischnowsky wrote:
> So the question is: do you think that this is enough (probably with
> some more work on the function) or should we build this into the shell?

Isn't the problem only with ../ ?  -/ and the rest happily follow
symlinks, it's only when going up there's a problem.  In that case, it
would be OK to use -/ most of the time and only have a special
function when there's a ../ in the string so far.  As the only case
where you would normally use this is ../ at the start (although I've
been known to use $PWD/.. when I needed an absolut path), I should
have thought a shell function for this one case would have been quite
good enough.  ../../ etc. is a complication, but one a function could
still easily handle. (Unless I've missed some other potential

Presumably it will one day become possible to replace the (../)# with
a truncated version of $PWD, then reapply -/ using the -W option to
compctl to generate the completions you want.  Then the script
solution ought to become pretty painless.

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