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Re: heap memory issues

Typing away merrily, Sven Wischnowsky produced the immortal words:
> Btw. is the type `long long' in the ANSI-standard? I always thought it 
> was some special thing offered only by gcc.

I've not read the C9X draft.  It's big; thinking about it, now is the
time to do so.  I emailed zefram in January with the URLs:
Also in postscript and PDF (according to what I wrote when I mailed
him, anyway.  Too long ago for me to actually remember).

Reading through subsequent email with zef, C9X apparently adopts
'long long' rather than specifiable integer sizes.

> Bart already described the meaning of the second argument to
> zfree(). To answer the other thing: I don't see a place where a heap
> can be allocated that has an arena of less than HEAD_ARENA_SIZE
> bytes in which case we simply don't have the problem you
> described. Could you enlighten me where this small head arena can be
> allocated?

If an big hunk was allocated, such that an overly large arena was
created for it, then reallocating to a size less than the maximum looked
to me as if it would allocate a small arena.

I think.  I want to leave it a few years before looking at that code
again.  ;^)
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