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Re: PATCH: wrapper functions in modules

Phil Pennock wrote:
> Environment?
> Since MODULE_PATH is only used by zsh and any zsh normall uses .zshenv,
> it can be set there.  Why pollute the environment needlessly.

The point is if something else needs it in the environment, you don't
have a choice and it's going to clash with the zsh internals anyway.
I'm not currently aware of anything else.

> How about a convention that any special variables, and perhaps commands,
> defined by a module should start with that module's name, and a leading
> Z or z if the module name doesn't start with a z?

On the whole, that's probably a good idea, but I'm not convinced
wholesale rewriting of existing modules is necessary.  It depends how
generic a module is.  Even starting things with 'Z' isn't necessarily

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