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Re: PATCH: unloading modules

Sven Wischnowsky wrote:
> Finally I added some code for the setup- and finish-thing inside the
> `#ifdef AIXDYNAMIC' but I'm far from certain that this is correct (is
> the calling convention for boot et al different under AIX??). I don't
> have a AIX box available so I need your help here.

Zoli's the expert here, but the example module seems to load, run and
unload smoothly at the moment.  Probably you need to alter
Src/modentry.c to do what you want.  Here was Zoli's comment about

  There is a new little C file in the Src directory called modentry.c which
  is used to create modentry..o which is then linked to every dynamic zsh
  module created on AIX.  modentry..o contains the entry point for the
  module modentry(int, Module).  Since we do not have dlsym, modentry is
  used to call the boot_/cleanup_ function.  The first argument is nonzero
  for boot and zero for cleanup.  Each module is linked with -emodentry.
  When the module loads, the load subroutine returns a function pointer to
  modentry.  modentry is not exported by any module so there is no name

Maybe this requires the setup and finish routine to be defined by
every module.

One problem I am having is that 'zmodload deltochar' reports a name
clash.  This happens even immediately on starting zsh -f.

% zmodload deltochar
deltochar: name clash when adding ZLE function `delete-to-char'
deltochar: name clash when adding ZLE function `delete-to-char'

It does not seem to happen with any other module.

Then there's dynamic loading under HP-UX 10 to support...

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