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Re: How to trigger the death of zsh(3.0.5)

On Thu, Oct 08, 1998 (quite a long time ago!), Bart Schaefer wrote:
> A patch for this was posted to zsh-workers some while ago.  You can find
> the article at:
> 	http://www.zsh.org/cgi-bin/mla/workers/bynum/4172
> [...]
> but you want the patch from 4172, not 4095.  It should apply OK to 3.0.5
> even though the subject says 3.1.4.

I might have just made a mistake, but this didn't seem to apply cleanly to
3.0.5 at all.  Has anybody got a 3.0.5 compatible patch?  No problem if
not, I'll just go and work out what needs tweaked.

On a slightly more contentious note, I've lived with the odd crash till
now expecting that 3.1.5 would be worth switching to.  But it was chock-full
of bugs, and the available fixes are now mixed up with dozens of new features.

These I would also live with, except that if recent history is any guide, Zefram
will autocratically remove those he doesn't like!  (Who said history search??? :-)
So I can't really start to make use of them.

Granted, if I can't take the heat etc etc, there's always bash.  But I think
it's unfortunate that the 'released' zsh crashes after every few hundred
commands, and it hasn't been fixed in six months or however long it is now.

Just the traditional 2c,


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