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zsh-3.1.5-pws-4.tar.gz available

The following files are now available:

These are the complete source package, and the zsh-3.1.5/Doc directory
with texi and info files and nroff manual pages created for those
without Yodl and Texinfo, in both gzip and bzip2 formats.  They have
the following sizes:

-rw-r--r--   1 pws   quadrics   793838 Dec 18 14:06 zsh-3.1.5-pws-4.tar.gz
-rw-r--r--   1 pws   quadrics   639687 Dec 18 14:06 zsh-3.1.5-pws-4.tar.bz2
-rw-r--r--   1 pws   quadrics   418719 Dec 18 14:06 zsh-3.1.5-pws-4.doc.tar.gz
-rw-r--r--   1 pws   quadrics   276596 Dec 18 14:06 zsh-3.1.5-pws-4.doc.tar.bz2

This has been tested with dynamic loading under AIX 3.2, Irix 6.2,
SunOS 5.6 and HPUX 10.20, and with static loading under AIX 3.2.
There is reportedly a problem with dynamic loading under Digital UNIX
4.0, and in one case when compiling with egcs under SunOS 5.
Otherwise it seems pretty stable (=> we haven't found the other bugs

The following patches have been applied since pws-3, which has
disappeared.  (Finally, I have also added links in
http://www.ifh.de/~pws/computing/ .)

Compilation fix for static linking, 4779

Phil's patch for wtmp in /var/log on Linux, which someone else sent
before (except that it needed to be applied to aczsh.m4 and propagated
from there), 4783

Phil's removal of now useless j in glob.c, 4784

Bart's collection in 4788:  put back some missing patches.

Param's patches from Bart in 4789, 4794, 4795: fix sethparam() and move
flags; make sure setsparam() and sethparam() are consistent with
existing parameters; allow assoc array assignment with
${(AA)=assoc::=key1 value1 key2 value2}

Return to not hashing PWD from Bart in 4791

Handle --program-suffix and --program-prefix (but not --target, so I
removed the comment) from Bart in 4792

Compilation with no HAVE_GETPWUID, 4801

INADDR_NONE in zftp, 4805

Sven's unloading modules, 4806, 4815, 4820, plus my AIX (and
DYNAMIC_NAME_CLASH_OK) fix, 4822, then Sven's 4830

Parameter's documentation changes by Bart, 4817

Network order fix for zftp from Sven, 4821

My patch (with Gene Cohler's suggestions) for dynamical loading under
HPUX 10, 4824, plus fixes, 4833, 4843

Bart's random assoc array fixes, 4826, 4836, plus Sven's 4831

Sven's ignored character fix, 4828

More Sven condition patches, 4837, 4842

Final (???) isident() fix from Sven, 4845

Peter Stephenson <pws@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>       Tel: +39 050 844536
WWW:  http://www.ifh.de/~pws/
Dipartimento di Fisica, Via Buonarroti 2, 56127 Pisa, Italy

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