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RE: print texinfo doubleside?

> ``@afourpaper'' is there too.  And what size paper are you trying to
> print on?

A4. The margins are O.K. for this side, assuming I print on one side only
:-) Odd pages have large left margins for binding and relatively small right
margins. The problem is, on even pages these right margins fall on binding
side. Basically, double side formatting should exchange margines for even

Thanks to all who cared to answer :-)

... after some digging in texinfo.tex ...

  - texinfo.tex has support for double side :-)
  - '@setchapternewpage odd' only makes chapters start on odd pages
    and modifies page numbers layout
  - '@afourpaper' sets page dimensions to A4 page but does not care
    about double side story. I even suspect, dimesions are wrong.
    I remember something about that in README of texinfo, that they
    deliberately set page width for letter size even when printing on
  - additional macro '@afourlatex' does exactly what I want !

It appears, that you still need afourpaper to set some defaults properly. I
added afourlatex just after afourpaper in zsh.texi and got almost perfect
result (the margins are about 3-4mm off) with much better margins overall -
now right text side does not stick to right paper side.

Now, if I new how to make this automatically ...


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