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RE: CVS again (Re: Module idea to help developers)

> > I have access to a well-specced and reliable RedHat box with a
> > high-bandwidth connection in the UK, use of which as a temporary
> > zsh-workers CVS facility would be welcome.  Then when the Sunsite
> > people re-emerge, it could be moved there if so desired.
> Since this doesn't seem to be going anywhere..
> Maybe you could start by maintaining a unofficial anonymous read-only
> repository so people can get a "current" snapshot.

For this to work we need

 ... somebody, who will collect patches and keep CVS in sync

or (better yet)

 ... the key ZSH developers should have write access to repository and do direct
updates there. There is no point in sending patches to list then. Some
announcement/notification is still welcome - e.g. SAMBA has CVS list with commit
messages. But setting up yet another list needs cooperation form Sunsite as well
... sigh.

I opt for the latter. We just need some common framework (branches/tag names
etc). And commit messages may probably go to the zsh-workers (with some special
subject. I believe, it can be setup in CVS).


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