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PATCH: _cd not completing in $cdpath

(Andrej just reported this after I'd noticed it.  I've left in the fact
that . gets removed.  I think this is to do with the local-directories and
path-directories tag being separate; local files do get completed at some

_alternative re-evaluates arguments passed to it, so a string like
 '\(/home/pws /home/pws/tex\)'
isn't good enough as a path for _path_files -W because it gets split on
spaces, whereas _path_files needs it as a single argument.  If that's the
correct behaviour for _alternative --- and I suspect it is, because there
are uses like
  _alternative 'files:: _files' 'parameters:: _parameters'
--- then _cd needs fixing.

The simple solution, passing the name of a parameter instead of the
concocted string, took me ages to think of.  It turns out then that an
extra fix is required in _path_files for directories with spaces in: the
parameter was split with an extra ${=...}, which seems to me unnecessary
since it should be a proper array anyway, that's what they're for.

Index: Completion/Builtins/_cd
RCS file: /home/pws/CVSROOT/projects/zsh/Completion/Builtins/_cd,v
retrieving revision 1.3
diff -u -r1.3 _cd
--- Completion/Builtins/_cd	1999/12/15 19:44:32	1.3
+++ Completion/Builtins/_cd	1999/12/23 15:51:12
@@ -37,9 +37,11 @@
       _path_files -/
+    local tmpcdpath
+    tmpcdpath=(${(@)cdpath:#.})
     _alternative \
         'local-directories:local directories:_path_files -/' \
-	"path-directories: directories in cdpath:_path_files -W \\(${${(@)cdpath:#.}}\\) -/"
+	"path-directories:directories in cdpath:_path_files -W tmpcdpath -/"
   _path_files -/
Index: Completion/Core/_path_files
RCS file: /home/pws/CVSROOT/projects/zsh/Completion/Core/_path_files,v
retrieving revision 1.10
diff -u -r1.10 _path_files
--- Completion/Core/_path_files	1999/12/15 19:44:32	1.10
+++ Completion/Core/_path_files	1999/12/23 15:47:25
@@ -44,7 +44,9 @@
          if [[ "$tmp1[1]" = '(' ]]; then
            prepaths=( ${^=tmp1[2,-2]%/}/ )
-           prepaths=( ${(P)^=tmp1%/}/ )
+	   # In this case the variable should be an array, so
+	   # don't use an extra ${=...}.
+           prepaths=( ${(P)^tmp1%/}/ )
            (( ! $#prepaths )) && prepaths=( ${tmp1%/}/ )
          (( ! $#prepaths )) && prepaths=( '' )

Peter Stephenson <pws@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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