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Re: new-style completition for gnu grep and ls

Ulrik Haugen wrote:

> I've written completition functions for the gnu versions of grep and ls. (I
> use zsh 3.1.9-dev-6 and I couldn't find completition for them.)

Thanks for your help. Very much appreciated.

> I'd be happy if you include them in future releases.

I can foresee some more discussion with people who don't have
GNU-systems and who don't like GNU-specific completion functions for
commands. So either we find a way to check for GNU/non-GNU completion
in your functions or we'll wait until we have a sub-directory for
GNU-specific completion functions.

> local efgrep="" E extended_regexp F fixed_strings
> case "${words[1]:t}" in
> (egrep|fgrep) efgrep=t;
>     ;;
> esac

That could be done with `[[ "${words[1]:t}" = [ef]grep ]] && efgrep=t'.

That also reminds me that my services-patch (`compdef krsh=rsh', see
12977) is still not committed, mostly because I got no reply...


Sven Wischnowsky                         wischnow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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