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Re: Problem with zsh 3.1.9 (Sun Solaris 7)

Peter Stephenson wrote:

> > I'm trying to install zsh 3.1.9, from a pre-built package from the Sun
> > freeware site (www.sunfreeware.com).  This was supposedly built on Solaris
> > 7 and I've installed it on Solaris 7, and brought over the /etc/zshrc,
> > /etc/zshenv, /etc/zlogin, and /etc/zshfn/* from an older system (Solaris
> > 2.5.1, zsh 3.0.7).  When I invoke zsh (as root) I get:
> > 
> >   /etc/zshrc: failed to load module: comp1 [22]
> ...
> Otherwise, for the modules, you need to set MODULE_PATH (colon-separated
> array) or module_path (array).  The default location is
> /usr/local/lib/zsh/$ZSH_VERSION .  We're changing to a hierarchical module
> naming scheme, so comp1 will become zsh/comp1 etc., but the bare names
> should work fine in 3.1.9.

The fact that the shell tries to load the comp1 module is also a sign
that it tries to use the stuff from a 3.0.x shell, because in 3.1.9
the comp1 module has gone.

May be related to path problems, too, but maybe the init scripts have
zmodload's for modules that don't exist anymore.


Sven Wischnowsky                         wischnow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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