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Curent CVS crash on Cygwin

I got around to checking if zsh still runs on Cygwin. Looks, like no more :)
It outputs prompt and immediately crashes after I press RETURN (or any key for
that matter). It crashes with and without -f. I'm still struggling with this
gdb GUI, but stack trace is:

#0  execzlefunc (func=0x6b1e0d40, args=0x6b1e3154) at
#1  0x6b1c9198 in zleread (lp=0xa03a8d8 "%S%n@%m%#%s ", rp=0x0, flags=3) at
#2  0x6766b825 in inputline () at /tools/src/zsh/Src/input.c:265
#3  0x6766b70d in ingetc () at /tools/src/zsh/Src/input.c:210
#4  0x67662924 in ihgetc () at /tools/src/zsh/Src/hist.c:236
#5  0x676712b4 in gettok () at /tools/src/zsh/Src/lex.c:628
#6  0x676709a9 in yylex () at /tools/src/zsh/Src/lex.c:344
#7  0x6768a4ad in parse_event () at /tools/src/zsh/Src/parse.c:425
#8  0x676680a5 in loop (toplevel=1, justonce=0) at
#9  0x6766b358 in zsh_main (argc=1, argv=0xa0124b0) at
#10 0x40105f in main (argc=1, argv=0xa0124b0) at /tools/src/zsh/Src/main.c:37
#11 0x610038c5 in _size_of_stack_reserve__ ()
#12 0x61003aad in _size_of_stack_reserve__ ()
#13 0x61003aec in _size_of_stack_reserve__ ()
#14 0x4010b7 in cygwin_crt0 ()

specifically it is a line with queue_signals()

I completely missed all this discussion about signal queuing - Sven, where is
the next place to look?


Hmm ... actually this gdb insterface is not bad. And it finally works!

Have a nice DOS!
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