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Re: completing for a marvelous lesspipe ?

> Hi fellows!
>       The other day i bought one of our german speaking LinuxMags
> (LinuxMagazin) with
> one article about the following lesspipe ( a filter mechanism for
> less, the pager):
> You can download it here:
>    http://www-zeuthen.desy.de/~friebel/unix/lesspipe.html

Wolfgang Friebel was also a zsh fan when I was in Zeuthen --- if he wrote
the article you might persuade him to do one about zsh.

> The beauty of this lesspipe is that it can show the contents of
> deb,rpm zip,tar.gz and tar.bz2 files and some more.
>       Now it would be still more useful if such a mighty
> completion-system -as zsh has - would complete files after
> the colon in e.g. compressed files 

I don't know what relevance `after the colon' has for zsh, but the new
completion system already has this sort of thing built in by default.  Try
completing after `tar xvzf archive.tar.gz ' and you will get the contents,
presented using something very like the standard file-choosing interface.
Did you have something more in mind?

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