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Re: PATCH: new _tin

Oliver Kiddle wrote:

> Firstly, hello everyone. I'm now back from my time away.


> ...
> Is it wise to be separating the hostnames and nicknames for the news
> servers rather than completing them together under one title?

I'd say yes. This way users can always use the group-name style if
they want to have them together but they couldn't do it the other way

> Is it okay
> to overload tag names for unrelated things - 'nicknames' is also used
> for NIS stuff.

It's ok as long as it's easy enough to come up with patterns to
disambiguate between the different uses, I think. So in this case,
where one only needs to have the command name(s) (or patterns for

> I'm also not too happy with the way this deals with an
> empty or non-existant newsrctable file.
> Why when completing newsgroups (the final part of _arguments) does it
> display just 'newsgroup' instead of 'Completing newsgroup' when I have
> zstyle ':completion:*' format 'Completing %d'?

Hm, doesn't happen to me.

> I thought about completing newsgroups properly using something like:
> : ${(A)_cache_newsgroups:=${${(f)"$(fgrep -v \! ~/.newsrc)"}%:*}}
> _multi_parts -i . _cache_newsgroups
> but I'm not too sure how consistent the .newsrc file format is. Can
> anyone confirm if this would work with slrn. Note that I've removed
> unsubscribed newsgroups here because otherwise it is painfully slow. I
> realise that fgrep isn't necessary for this but it is a lot quicker than
> doing it directly with zsh. Is it worth including this as an _newsgroups?

I don't know and have no opinion, respectively.


Sven Wischnowsky                         wischnow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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