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Re: Space-expansion problem in dev-8

> If a filename contains spaces (or other escapable characters) and you
> expand it via wild-carding, the spaces are not escaped.

The fix is probably something like the following, but Sven may have better
ideas.  This is leaving my cursor at the end of the word for some reason.
Probably _expand was written before ${(q)...} existed.

Index: Completion/Core/_expand
RCS file: /cvsroot/zsh/zsh/Completion/Core/_expand,v
retrieving revision 1.33
diff -u -r1.33 _expand
--- Completion/Core/_expand	2000/10/11 12:19:24	1.33
+++ Completion/Core/_expand	2001/02/01 17:46:47
@@ -68,7 +68,7 @@
 # Now try globbing.
 [[ "$force" = *g* ]] || zstyle -T ":completion:${curcontext}:" glob &&
-    eval 'exp=( ${~exp} ); exp=( ${exp//(#b)([][()|*?^#~<>\\=])/\\${match[1]}} )' 2>/dev/null
+    eval 'exp=( ${~exp} ); exp=( ${(q)exp} )' 2>/dev/null
 # If we don't have any expansions or only one and that is the same
 # as the original string, we let other completers run.

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