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RE: PATCH: RE: termcap moodule problem on Cygwin

> > Yes, test was broken, sorry. Try this patch (on top of previous).
> That's fine, both libraries are now dynamically linked on both versions of
> Solaris, which is what was happening before the patch.

O.K., hopefully the last version. Now it really works for Cygwin, both shared
and static libs. I tested it with:

- Unix, pseudo-shared (see below) static curses
- Cygwin, static termcap
- Cygwin, shared ncurses

So, remaining case is Unix with real shared library and possibly Unix with
bad-behaving static library.

Solaris 2.6 and my system both provide pseudo-shared implementation - static
symbols are linked into every shared object, but references to them are
resolved at runtime and point to the single copy of static symbol. It has one
possible drawback - if shared object that owns this static symbol is unloaded,
references are no more valid. So far, my system seems to correctly keep
reference count. It depends on coimpiler options (I can force local binding).
So I added test for this case as well - dunno if it really helps.


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